Class Agreement

Person attending will be know as "student" 

823 Treats, LLC will be know as "instructor"

Terms. The term of this agreement shall commence as of the date student checks out with partial or full payment for class and shall continue until the completion of student’s class.

Communication The instructor will provide all communication in reference to the class via the email address used at checkout only unless otherwise advised in writing to Sole responsibility falls on student if email address provided is not valid for communication.

Curriculum.  Class will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina or surrounding city on class date purchased 11am-4pm. Location will be provided no less than 30 days prior to class date. This will be a live hands-on class on how the instructor creates and designs cakesicles, rice cereal treats, traditional twist pretzels and chocolate covered cookies. The cohesive design will include a 2D design.  Your class will discuss social media tips, pricing, and beneficial tips and tricks directly from the instructor.

Cost & Payments. Total cost of the class will be $550. Final payment is due on or before date listed below for specific class date. Failure to make payment on or before due date  automatically release you from the scheduled class and makes you ineligible for a refund.  Notification of due date or release from the class does not have to be provided.

*if using Shop Pay you must  purchase the 2nd half of the class by due date schedule listed.

*if using Shop Pay for May class dates this does not apply.


Class date April 30, 2022 final payment due date March 18, 2022

 Refunds. No refunds will be given for any monies paid towards class under any circumstances including Covid-19, acts of God, pandemics, and restrictions put in place by travel, venue, or government.

Swag bags (if applicable) or materials related to the class are forfeited if you do not attend the class in person

Selling/Transferring. Sole responsibility for reselling/transferring your place in class will be on the student. Student must advise instructor of new student’s information (name, email address, & contact phone number). New student must agree to terms and conditions to gain access to the class. The instructor is not responsible for refunds or reimbursements to new student in the event access is not permitted

 Reschedule. Instructor reserves the right to reschedule class up to THIRTY (30) days prior to the class date due to low enrollment and up to day of for flight being cancelled, flight being delayed, flight being changed by airline, death of instructor’s family member, sickness of instructor or instructor’s family member, or venue cancellation (confirmation of airline/venue cancellation, changes, or delays will be supplied)

  1. Low enrollment is less than 8 fully paid students.
  2. If the instructor reschedule class for any reasons listed above a new class date will be issued dating no more than 6 months from original class date. The student reserves the right to attend or sell/transfer their place in class. No refund will be provided due to a reschedule class date.

Supplies. All supplies needed to successfully complete the class will be provided by the instructor. All supplies will remain the property of the instructor.

Covid-19 Testing. The instructor reserves  the right to request proof of a negative Covid-19 test up to 48 hours before class.

Transportation & Accommodations. The student has the sole responsibility to provide transportation and accommodations for them to attend the class. Please make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure your transportation and accommodations in the event the class is rescheduled. The instructor will not be responsible for reimbursement of transportation or accommodations made to attend the class.

Recording and Photography. No recording (video or audio) or photography will be allowed during instruction time by the students. Instructor will indicate when instruction time has started and ended. Any students found recording or taking photos during instruction time will be asked to leave the class. Students asked to leave for recording or photographing during instruction time will not be issued a refund.

Allery Warning. Please be advised that products and food supplied during the class may have come in contact or contain peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish, or fish. If you have allergies, please take that this warning into strong consideration. The instructor cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions to the student from products or food supplied. If you have allergies outside what has been listed, you must provide them to the instructor in writing.

  1. Light lunch and possible refreshments will be supplied. If you have allergies or a special diet, please bring lunch and refreshments that will be healthy and acceptable for you to consume.

Promotional Use. 823 Treats, LLC has access to use images, audio, and/or video of you taken during and after class for use on social media platforms, in print, or on the internet at any time without future permission or compensation. You can provide written notice to to opt out.

*If purchasing party is not attending class please send an email with "students" name, email address, and phone number.  "student" must agree to terms in the class agreement to have access to class.